Buddy Program

What is the buddy program?

To help new students adjust to the city and the “McGill student-life”, we have set up a buddy program in which a senior IPN student is paired with a new student.  Should they have any questions or concerns, they will have someone to contact! Buddies will be able to answer questions related to academic work, and is prepared to provide personal advice. New students and their buddies will also be invited to new student events!

When do I get a buddy?

The buddy program welcomes students joining us in September and in January. If all goes well, you should have your buddy early in these months!

What are new student events?

We hold a welcoming party for both the September and January recruits. This September we hosted a very successful BBQ!

Graduate students of all levels are invited to become Senior Buddies (including those who entered before or in January 2015)! If you were a new student this year or earlier, pay the favour forward and become a Senior Buddy!)

Your responsibilities as a Senior Buddy will be to introduce yourself to the new student buddied up with you (via e-mail) and be available to answer questions your Junior Buddy may have. To improve the experience of new students this year, we will ask Senior Buddies to contact their Junior Buddies no later than August 1st.

A perk to being a buddy (in addition to making new friends of course) is that all Senior Buddies will be invited to the New Student Welcome Event (to occur during the 1st week of September)!

Sign up here:




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