About the Blog

The GSANeuro Blog invites current GSAN members and alumni to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories about life at the lab and around the city! We also invite GSAN members to share newly published manuscripts.   

Past GSANeuro Blog topics have included experiences transitioning to graduate studies, surviving the cold Montreal winter, the McGill Opera, and interesting new research findings. You can view previous blogs at http://gsaneuro.com/blog/ .

Submit your blog at: http://gsaneuro.com/blog/submit-a-neuroblog

Questions?  Contact GSAN Public Relations Officer at: julia.nantes@mail.mcgill.ca


*The authors are solely responsible for the content of each blog . Any view, opinion, information or statement are personal and belong to the blog`s author.

 Meet some of the some of our GSANeuro Bloggers: 

Jonathan Côté

JohnathanCoteGreetings all! I’m Jonathan, second year MSc student under Étienne de Villers-Sidani at the MNI. I am one of the rare Montréal-born-and-raised members of IPN. On the academic level, I’m interested in auditory functions and brain imaging. When I’m not at the lab, one can find me either jogging, learning martial arts, watching strange “exploitation films” or attending some sort of artsy venues.
Furthermore, I serve GSAN as an academic officer, a French teacher, a BrainReach teacher and a blogger and I am also an active member of the Red Runners club and the Brain Ballers volleyball team.

Antoneta JosephIMG_8455

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in schizophrenia research at the Douglas Mental Health Institute. My primary research interest is understanding the molecular basis of psychiatric disorders. I am from Goa, India and I arrived in Montreal a month ago.. and I tell you its colddddd here. I love meeting new people, learning new languages and exploring every place. From my perspective… what better way to start my journey than through this blog…cheers


Jay Dee


Jay Dee is a first-year Master’s student based at the Douglas.

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