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GSAN Committee 2014-2015


Rochelle Herrington: or

VP Finance:

Brent Dawe: or

VP External:

Hazim Alkhani:

VP Academic:

Jonathan Cote:

VP Social:

Lindsay Wallace:


Falisha Karpati:

Academic Officers:

Kathleen Xu:

Rowan Pentz

Social Officers:

Aimee Chan:

Anastasia Glushko:

Fundraising Officer:

Maria Tippler:

Stefania Dzieciolowska

Website coordinator:

Ravishankar Palanisamy:

Sports/Recreation Coordinator:

Ravishankar Palanisamy:

New & International Students Officer:

Hai Lun (Helen) Liu:

French Class Coordinator:

Anne Löffler:

Public Relations Officer:

Julia Nantes:

Student Well Being Offices: 

Miguel Cisneros:

Zarah Chaudhary:

PGSS Representatives: 

Marisa Cressati :

Danielle Toccalino:

Sylvia Joseph:

Institute Representatives:

Laura-Joy Boulos: (Douglas Mental Health University Institute)

Emily Anne Opala:  (Douglas Mental Health University Institute)

Antoneta Teresa Joseph  (Douglas Mental Health University Institute)

Marisa Cressatti: (Lady Davis Institute)

Wing Hoi (Annie) Poon: (Montreal Children’s Hospital)

Steven Corderio Matos (Montreal Neurological Institute)

Victor Mihai Mocanu:  (Montreal Neurological Institute)

Ian Beamish: (Montreal Neurological Institute)

Sébastien Proulx:  (Royal Victoria Hospital)

Nancy Chen: (Stewart Biology Building)



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