About Us

We are the Graduate Student Association of Neuroscience at McGill University, representing Graduate and Post-Graduates from one of the largest and most diverse neuroscience research groups in the world.

Message from the Committee

We are pleased to welcome you to our website! You can always check back here or in our facebook group for information regarding upcoming events. For those who did not attend the general assembly, we’d like to summarize the committee’s goals for the coming year. Firstly, because we are spread across several campuses and hide in the corners of many buildings we will promote bringing McGill’s neuroscience graduate students together. We plan to maintain good financial stability while not compromising the quality of our events; this will require an emphasis on fundraising including soliciting pharmaceutical and other large companies. We are already in the process of organizing several academic events such as career talks, student experimental research forums (SERFs) and tutorials. In addition, we hope to create a functioning journal club database as well as a neuroscience graduate student database to promote student discussion and collaboration. Finally, we are very excited to host the annual holiday party and year-end gala! We do appreciate feedback, so if you have a comment or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact us at gsan.mcgill@gmail.com .

The GSAN committee


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