GSAN-SERF-Connectivity in Brain Imaging

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GSAN Student Experimental Research Forum (SERF) is back for 2015!
In this first forum of the year, we will be discussing…
Connectivity in Brain Imaging

When: Monday, January 26th, 2015 at 18h00.
Where: Thomson House, Room 404gsan

Our featured speakers:
Sebastien Dery: Expert in coherence analysis
Soheila Samiee: Creator of Dynamic Phase-Amplitude Coupling Technique

Free food and drinks will be provided, as per our tradition!

How are SERFs like?
Whether you are looking to extend your research, or simply want to learn something new, you’ll be able to find something at our student forums. All the discussion will take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, led by our student speakers. To top it all off, it’s a great reason to enjoy some free refreshments and snacks at Thompson House!

Why do we host SERFs?
We hope to create an accessible space for idea exchange between IPN students. Learning about new fields and techniques can be difficult without an entry point, and SERFs aim to make that process easier by facilitating peer-to-peer discussion.
(Plus, it’s always a great way to meet new friends in the program!)

Got any research you want to share?
Please come to this upcoming SERF, so you can join the discussion and tell us your ideas! Alternatively, you can send any questions and comments to

2014-2015 GSAN Academic Team

VP Academic
Jonathan Côté (

Academic Officers
Rowan Pentz (
Kathleen Xu (


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